Hello, beautiful authors, aspiring writers, book nerds!

I would just like to start off by saying welcome to my website, and thank you for taking the time to look through something that’s taken me forever and a day to finish. No matter how simple a web page can look, so much time and patience is spent making it look the least bit presentable.

I have been freelance book editing since 2015, and I have loved every moment of it! I currently had a little run-in with a different host where I’d had published my website earlier this year, which is why it took me so long to publish this new website. It was a pain.

Now that I’m back, I’ve made a few changes to my services as well as forms of payment. Note that I will no longer be accepting checks. Paypal is the safest, easiest way for payment. Regardless of the fee charges for every invoice that is paid, my rates have not changed. There will never be hidden fees for my services.

What you see is what you get.

Due to demand and time limitations, I will no longer offer content editing. For now, I only offer basic proofreading and copy editing. If you need a guide to educate you in what the difference is between these two services, there’s a wonderful article written by NY Book Editors.

And just in case you weren’t aware, I do offer a 10% discount to authors who continually use my services. Always.

I hope to hear from you, even if it’s just to drop a line and say “Hi!”